JAMES FEI  For 2 Contrabass Clarinets

performed by James Fei and Drew Ceccato

MUSIC ON TAPE is a series of recordings released on 1/4" analog tape. All performances will be unedited takes recorded on a Nagra IV-S. Each copy will be a first generation analog copy of the master tape, and can be provided with CCIR or NagraMaster equilization upon request. Standrd tapes will be with NAB eq, without noise reduction, 1/4" 2-track, 15ips, with reference fluxivity of 355nW/m, on 7" reels. Custom orders (different reference level, 30ips on 10" NAB reels, etc) may be considered.

1 and 2 (available seperately) are two different versions of For 2 Contrabass Clarinets. While the version on Volume 2 consists solely of the sustained section of harmonics from two fingerings, the version on Volume 1 is in two parts, with bell-like low tones in the second section. Both recordings are approximately 15 minutes.

Recorded using a pair of Sennheiser MKH-40's in ORTF to Nagra IV-S on 30 VII 2011 at Mills College, Oakland, California.

MP3 excerpts: upcoming.

$45 each [global shipping included].
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Volume 1
Volume 2

Thanks to Dan Dugan for Nagra maintenance and advice.